Pictures from #showthelove Campaign

During the Students’ Union “Change Your World” week in March 2016 we ran a ‘green heart’ campaign on the SU concourse asking people to sign a green heart calling on the University to #showthelove and divest Shell. More than 150 hearts signed and sent to the Vice Chancellor! Some pictures below and here:

We had a table with lots of info on tar sands, Shell and climate change.

Table End

Which had to be extended a bit!

Table and Wires

The board was designed to be as colourful and genuinely informative as possible:

The Board

And we tried to hone in on everything that’s been achieved elsewhere already!

Other Universities

We had old school campaign badges!

Badges and Hearts

And the obligatory angry whiteboard!


But the overall effect was positive and engaging πŸ™‚


And as a team we certainly had fun! πŸ™‚


All ready to send to the VC!



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