Welcome Message


This is the first blog post from the Invest Positive UoS campaign.

We are a student led group at the University of Southampton asking for a commitment to the socially and environmentally responsible investment of the University’s endowments.

We are a brand new campaign which is both exciting and daunting and in the coming weeks and months we’ll be reaching out to build support among staff and fellow students for ethical investment.

We want to see greater transparency in the University’s financial decision making, especially with regards to how it invests your (our!) tuition fees. To begin with we will likely be focussing on seeking public assurances that existing capital will not be invested in the arms industry, tobacco companies or the most polluting and environmentally damaging fossil fuels. We will shortly be sending an open letter to University staff which will be posted here in a subsequent blog.

We actively welcome support, ideas and comments. Please get in touch with us by commenting below or on TwitterFacebook or by email (investpositiveuos@gmail.com).

Thank you.

Invest Positive UoS